Customer Reviews

  • CB

    “They are always so kind

  • CR

    “Wonderful people to deal with and saved a lot of money going with them!

  • BP

    “Great insurance company to go thru. Progressive offers a number of services that are worth looking into.

  • KH

    “You could not do any thing dependable you need them they are there every step of the way .

  • AO

    “With petruzzi insurance card, I was able to travel to Canada and came back without having problem with boarder police and immigration, thanks to petruzzi insurance.

  • AM

    “Great Agency. John Petruzzi has literally left his home on his day off to do an insurance policy for me, what more can you ask for?

  • W

    “Excellent service, friendly staff, best prices

  • DD

    “Great service.

  • BU

    “Petruzzi Insurance is where you want to go ….. fast, friendly, knowledgeable staff with great rates …….

  • JE
  • MS

    “A top notch insurance agency. Great to work with The Petruzzi Agency!”

  • JB

    “I saved a ton”

  • DD

    “Great service.”

  • “Fantastic”

  • “The staff at Petruzzi Insurance are AMAZING, so quick to meet my needs. Switching to this local agency was a fantastic choice for me and my fam!! Thank you all”