Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Yard Beautiful

Father Son Landscaping

The outdoor space at your home, when landscaped, will enhance the beauty, livability and the value of your home. We’ve put together some landscaping ideas to keep your yard looking beautiful with minimum effort and cost. We chose some of the best ideas out there for homeowners who want to upgrade their yards without breaking the bank.

Our Climate: Choosing the Right Plants

Our climate in Olean is great for certain types of plants, and you need to ensure that you purchase the right ones. It’s important that you put in flowers, bushes and ground cover that will flourish in our microclimate and won’t require too much care. Talk to your local nursery and they can advise you about the plants that will grow the best here in the Olean area.

Perennials: A Great Choice

Perennials are hardy and come back every year with very little work. The base of your new landscaping can include several types of perennial flowers that provide a background for the annuals you put in during the spring. There are so many beautiful perennials to choose, and everyone has their favorites. Choose a color scheme that appeals to you, and each year you can add different splashes of color by adding annuals.

Create a Berm

A berm is a raised area in your yard, often placed in the front corner, or corners. They’re easy to create, as all you need to do is add top soil and mulch, and plant a variety of ground cover plants and bushes. A berm adds appeal to your yard and has the advantage of blocking sound and sight from the street. Go to the local nursery in Olean, and talk to them. They know everything about plants and can advise you if you need help in what plants to choose. This is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to improve your yard.

Stone Pathways

A stone pathway, even in a small yard, can make the area look more beautiful. Build a small berm on either side of the pathway, and load it with ground cover, flowers and bushes. This creates a vision of space – lush foliage has the added benefit of making a smaller yard appear larger.

A Stair Step Garden

Having flower pots that spill out a rainbow of lush color placed on each stair of your home is an easy and fast way to improve the overall appeal of your home. Choose pots that have a base to collect water, particularly if you have wooden stairs so you don’t damage them. Water the plants as directed, and watch them grow!

Build a Wall and Put in a Raised Bed

Choose the stone treatments that appeal to you, such as flagstones. You can stack the stones yourself (don’t buy large ones – they are heavy!), and there is no need to call a stonemason to create a wall that looks amazing. Once it is in place at about 12 inches high, fill it to the brim with a mixture of soil, compost or fertilizer. You now have a beautiful raised bed, and you can plant perennials and seasonal flowers to enjoy throughout the season. These walls look great outside the front of the house and make your home look more attractive and appealing to visitors.

While you are planting your garden and getting into all things “spring,” it’s a great time to get a review of your homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure it is up-to-date. Your home is likely your biggest investment, and protecting that investment couldn’t be more important. Find out how much coverage you have, and if it can be increased, or whether there is more coverage available at the same or lower price.

Our local team of agents at Petruzzi Insurance Agency in Olean, New York can help you with a full policy review. There are frequently good deals when you bundle your insurances, or special offers that pop up that could really make a difference for you. We are happy to review the homeowners policy you have in place as a service to you, and explain exactly what you have, and what you may need. Meanwhile, enjoy the spring and we hope these landscaping tips were helpful. Not only will your home be more beautiful, it can attract a buyer more quickly if you ever plan to sell.

We hope to hear from you! Our team at Petruzzi Insurance Agency in Olean, New York is ready to help you. Call us and let’s talk!